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Martin Curry to voice Charity Auction

Martin Curry of Tallong Auctions will be the auctioneer for a charity auction in the Marulan Memorial Hall, Marulan, NSW on Sunday 18th of November 2012. The auction is hosted by the Lions Club of Marulan.

We're proud to support the Lions and the terrific work that they do.

Ararat Antiques Fair

Fine pair of very large vases
Blue Children Series by Royal Doulton
October 1924
51cm (20 inches) H
Victorian Oak
Wind-out table
The inaugural Ararat Antiques Fair has opened.

It's being produced by the same company that host the long-running and now famous Ballarat Antiques Fair.

This year, Ros and John inaugurated the Ballarat Spring Antiques and Vintage Fair, to mixed reviews, and, following a request by the organisers of the Ararat Festival, they've opened the Ararat Antiques Fair.

Preliminary report is that there are around 20 dealers with good quality.

Stay tuned for my article on the antiques fair scene in Australia in general.

'The Scream' on exhibit at the MoMA

Der Schrei der Natur - Edvard Munch
Photo via Wikipedia

If you are or you will be in New York over the next few months, you should seriously consider getting over to the Museum of Modern Art.

A visit to the MoMA is always a worthwhile endeavour, but beginning on Wednesday 24th October, Edvard Munch's artwork, or at least one of the four versions of the artwork, a pastel-on-board version which is the only one held privately, will be exhibited.

You may recall the hoopla attending its auction by Sotheby's last May, resulting in its becoming the most expensive painting ever sold at auction.

Well, love it, hate it, or can't believe that someone spent that kind of @#$!* money for it, there's no escaping the hype, or its iconic popular status.

There's so much available about the drawing on the 'Net already that I don't have to repeat the particulars. I'll just urge you to hie your rusty dusty over to the museum and make up your own mind about the work.

Lastly, I'd like to commend the buyer for his generous gesture in making the painting available for public viewing for the next six months. No one knows for sure who the 'anonymous' buyer is (though it's widely believed to be New York financier Leon Black, whose staff politely respond 'no comment'). Whatever. My compliments to you.

New Internet Bidding Platform for Tallong Auctions

Tallong Auctions' next sale is 7th October 2012 at 11am AEST


For those who can't attend in person, there are two live Internet bidding options:
Jan Mclean doll

Easy Live Auctions

Live Auctioneers

International Times:

Sydney              Sunday, 7 October 2012 at 11:00:00 AM
New York          Saturday, 6 October 2012 at 8:00:00 PM
London              Sunday, 7 October 2012 at 1:00:00 AM
GMT                 Midnight between Saturday, 6 October 2012
                          and Sunday, 7 October 2012

To include:

Royal Doulton 'Black Cricketer' Plate
  • A fine selection of collectable dolls
  • Rare Royal Doulton items
  • Australian & European Furniture: Charles II, Victorian, Deco and Retro
  • European, American & Australian porcelain and glass
  • Art
  • Silver
  • Jewellery
  • and general household goods
Antique Sterling Silver Christening Spoon


Viewing: Sat 6th 10 am - 5pm and Sun morning of sale from 9am – 10:45am

Mammoth Skeleton to be Auctioned at Sotheby's

Imperial Mammoth
Public Domain

I'm often amused and/or intrigued by estoteric items to be offered for sale by auction.

Wooly Mammoth
Via Wikipedia

The Associated Press is reporting that our friends at Sotheby's Paris are to auction a mammoth skeleton (that's 'skeleton of a large ancient elephant', not 'a large skeleton') among the fossils and naturally-occuring relics to be offered for sale on the 2nd of October this year.

Right foreleg of an
Imperial Mammoth
Public Domain

That's one big elephant!

One presumes a museum or scientific institution would make the purchase, rather than a private collector. I can't see it as a garden ornament on the front lawn, can you?

Sotheby's boss in shooting accident

We've just heard that auctioneer and Sotheby's Europe chairman Henry Wyndham was accidentally shot during a grouse hunt in Scotland.

Sage Grouse
Photo: public domain

The poor fellow is reported to have received 52 pellets in the face.  Yikes!

Happily, he'll be fine, we're told. He was airlifted to hospital and is now resting at home. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Berowra Fair Expands

Wm Moorcroft (UK)
Small Moorcroft vase

Last year, I decided to support the nascent Northern Sydney Antiques Fair put on by the Lions Club of Berowra, which I can never spell - Berowra - not Lion's Club -  and other dealers demurred because, well, they were (not unreasonably, I suppose) going to wait and see if it was successful first.

Royal Worcester (UK)
Kitty Blake comport

Well, the Lions made a good go of it, and it looks like it’s going to be an annual event.

This year, the Fair has expanded, and I see we're being joined by a good few established dealers.

Did I know that I was a super trend setter on the cutting edge?

Clarice Cliff Clog

You can check Aleta's Antiques Fair Schedule to see when we'll be coming to a venue near you!

Making our debut at Tamworth this weekend

Oak Doughbin, English, 17th Century

The original wooden hinges have been replaced with 18th Century hinges.

Decorative detail
From 3rd - 5th August, 2012, we are exhibiting at the Tamworth Antiques Fair in the beautiful Tamworth War Memorial Hall, Fitzroy Street, Tamworth, NSW 2579.

We are offering some unique porcelain and glass, lovely Art Deco items, including a crystal lamp that still has its original crystal shade, and the lovely English doughbin you can see in the photograph.

A Fine Pair of Rare Royal Doulton Vases by Mary Mitchell

Newly acquired

A Fine Pair of Mary Mitchell Vases
Royal Doulton

Doulton Lambeth (UK)
A Rare Pair of Vases
Hand decorated by Mary Mitchell
Her monogram (‘MM’) to base of both
No Restoration

Mary Mitchell's work is hard to come by, and it's rare to find a pair, and in such excellent condition.

These vases are for sale at Aleta's Antiques.
 Note: The vases were snapped up immediately by a collector. Sold!

Aleta's Antiques Has a New Showroom!

Cedar double glass panel door enclosed bookcase
of imposing size. 2.8 M x 1.65M

I am delighted to announce the opening of our new showroom at the Meridian Café, 85 George Street, Marulan NSW. It will feature Australian furniture, art, pottery, and other items of Australiana, as well as English, Irish, European, Asian and American artworks and antiques.

Robert M. Barnes (Australian, b. 1947)
Oil painting The Turn of Day, 1996

A fine pair of
signed crystal vases
Bohemian 35cm H

In addition to our hand-picked antiques, there is the added bonus of a meal at the Meridian. Hosts Robert and Alison's proud aim is to serve Gourmet food made with fresh local produce wherever possible, and if not local, definitely Australian. Robert serves up an excellent cup of coffee, using Grinders Coffee, Giancarlo Blend. (When I say ‘excellent’, I mean ‘excellent’. Trust me.)

Alison is a marvellous and exacting cook.  I have eaten breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner at the Meridian, and never had a disappointment. At lunchtime I like trying the specials, especially the delicioso pastas, but our current family favourite is the lamb burger from the regular menu.

Do stop by for a browse. It works equally well as a destination or for breaking your journey along the highway, as it is very easy to get to: Take the George Street, Marulan exit off the Hume Highway. The café is right on George Street, opposite The Big Rock with the Town Clock.

Important: not every item we have in stock is on view all the time, as we also take pieces to exhibit at fairs, and we have many more items in stock that we can possibly show at one time. So, if you have a specific antique in mind, phone first so we can have it there for you. You’ll find our contact details under ‘Contact us’, above.