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Art theft: things that make you go, 'hmmmm'....

I was just thinking of the multi-million dollar heist at the private home of the head of Moscow's Russian Gold company earlier this month. Thank the Lord no one was hurt, though the robbers made off with a bundle in art, antiques and jewellery.

Okay, so I understand that there's always a black market for these sorts of things.  What I *don't* understand is the clandestine pleasure of the Thomas Crowns of this world in spending a small fortune on important, readily-identifiable stolen goods.  I mean, one can't exactly hang the Mona Lisa on one's sitting room wall.

I'm just sayin'....

Art: Old, Overlooked Artists are Hot!

So says Nicholas Forrest on his Art Market blog.

Nic, or Nick, (he seems to use both) also talks about the current Arte Povera movement and the fact that there is no one superpower 'art market' today, because there are so many markets, with fast-emerging and constantly-changing trends, making it very hard to predict where the big movers and shakers are.  At least, that's what I think he means.

Nic does identify Los Angeles as the big up-and-coming market.  Whether you agree with his analysis or not, his blog makes educational and interesting reading.

Auction Tips

You can't really put yourself into bankruptcy buying a million dollar antique at an auction by absentmindedly scratching an eyebrow.  It can actually be quite hard to attract attention, and an eyebrow scratch should only signal a bid if you've prearranged it with the auctioneer. If there's a doubt, the auctioneer will ask you.

Lots of people are timid about - or downright scared of - bidding at live auctions, and there's no need to be.

Find out why in our (easy to read, I hope) 'How to' auction essay.

What are Antiques?

'Antique' is one of those words everyone knows, but no one can define. What do you think an antique is?

We've written What is an Antique? to try to provide a working definition.

Aleta's Featured Article at Google Knol

I was just thrilled that Martin's and my annotated essay on collectables was featured on the front page of Google Knol.  Do have a read when you've got the chance.

Open mouth, change feet.

GOSSIP!  What snot face event planner told an antiques dealer we know that her business was ‘not necessarily the kind of trade we want’?  To quote a certain Pretty Woman: ‘Big mistake.  HUGE.’ The dealer, très upset, phoned a friend, in this case Lady Carolyn X, not known for biting her tongue.  My guess is that Snot Face has been notified of Lady Carolyn’s disapprobation.  So, most likely, has everyone else. The punch line?  The dealer in question buys and sells internationally and supplies many of Snot Face’s current customers; presumably they’re the kind of trade he does want.  Next time, find out whom you’re talking to before you pull the ‘we-don’t-want-your-kind-here’ routine, bro.