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Quick update - Aleta's Antiques Museum

Brr!  It's freezing!  Well, not quite: it's 2.9 degrees. I suppose we'll have a frost tonight.
This'll be short; it's Monday night and I'm tired!

Just a quick update: we caught up with friends and customers at the Wentworth Park Markets yesterday.  Most vendors reported sluggish sales; everyone seemed to be bargain hunting and browsing.  We still had a lot of fun, as usual.  Sinead came down from school; she's getting prettier and prettier.  The Irishmen in Antiques Club met at our stall, again.  No one could understand a single thing they said. But I digress.

Funny little vignette:  a lady came by and asked me about my display of float bowl figurines.  (In case any of you don't already know about my Walther obsession, I'll elucidate in a subsequent post.) Anyway, she started by saying, in an absolutely irresistably adorable manner:  I know you're not a museum, but I just wanted to ask about these, because I've never seen anything like them before....

What antiques dealer could resist that opening?

Anyway, she gave me a new line:  Aleta's Mobile Museum is always open: stop by anytime!