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Martin's in Melbourne

Well, not just hanging out; he's exhibiting at the Melbourne Antiques Fair.

We had a hectic day seeing him off, making sure he had everything; not just items, but all the paraphernalia associated.  When a couple has developed a working relationship, complete with a division of labour that seems to have become second nature, it's unbelievably awkward to adjust to flying solo.

I'll be here manning the phones and e-mail, handling the admin, catching up on paperwork with any luck, and looking after the property (yeah, right) and the dogs, the cat and the horse.

We've got a nice array for the fair, including some beautiful Moorcroft, Royal Worcester and Schneider, which I'll have to tell you about later, because I'm about to have milk and biscuits in lieu of dinner and turn in. Spot is gearing up to sleep with me, instead of in his baskey, and Bandit's already snoring....