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Avoca, Here We Come!

Avoca, Victoria, is apparently a lovely little town.  Everyone loves Avoca. Everyone I've ever heard about it from, at any rate. The town is in old goldfields country, and is famous now for wine, recreation, romantic getaways and views, though I'm given to understand that the hopeful still go prospecting!

It would seem that Avoca has much to commend it, and there's always something interesting going on. I'm not going to get to find out anytime soon, however; Martin's going to represent Aleta's Antiques at the Avoca Antiques Fair.

I'm holding down the fort, answering calls, keeping up with my blog, updating the website, watching the market all over the globe, researching our next book and, when I'm not busy, I'll catch up on administration...but then I'll get to curl up with a thick book on ancient ceramics or art glass just to relax...!

The Shoalhaven Gorge
Tallong, NSW Australia
Home to an amazing Cast of Characters, and
Aleta's Antiques

Usually, it's wonderful having time to myself in the natural surrounds of our place in Tallong, but maybe not in the dead of winter with the wind howling. 
Anyway, back to business: Martin has taken some really nice items with him, as always. There's a selection of float bowls, which was to include a penguin by Libochovice, (a Czech house that needs no introduction to glass aficionados, but not so well known by the general public) but alas, it sold to a lovely couple from Melbourne, and I'm delighted, 'cause they love it.

Here's a peek at some of the items we'll have there, because, well, not everyone lives in Victoria, and I want you to see them, wherever you are.

Bohemian glass, including Moser

Art Deco era glass

Walther and Söhne

Kitty Blake for Royal Worcester
The photograph to the left can't do justice to the talent of K.H. Blake, one of Royal Worcester's 'Saucy Six' - the nickname given to the group of female painters (well, I think it was five paintresses and one of their sisters...do I have that right? I'll have to check with MC) That she could paint with such finesse in miniature astounds me!

Lladró figurine
c. 19-ahem!

This darling girl is about as old as I am, 
and, like me, she's still looking good!

Royal Worcester
Blush Ivory Vase

Clarice Cliff
Royal Doulton
Art Glass
Depression Glass

Clarice Cliff Lidded Tureen
c. 1935

Royal Winton
Chintz Teapot c. 1950

Royal Doulton
Jug by Frank Butler

It wouldn't be Martin if he didn't have some serious ceramics, and he's got a couple of surprises. Of course he has Royal Worcester, including George Evans, Kitty Blake, James Stinton, and J. Llewellyn.

In addition, there's a piece I urge you to have a look at if you're in the area: a very large vase hand painted by Edward Raby.

Here's another interesting item - can you guess who's responsible for this little 18th Century imposter?
(Answer in a future post)

There's tons more, so if you're in the area, pop in to the fair and drop by Booth No. 13, Aleta's Antiques Museum (so called because it's not just a selling venue, we really do love hanging out in lovely surroundings talking about antiques, and you're welcome, anytime).


PJ said...

Oh Aleta! I know NOTHING about antiques, but even I can appreciate such beautiful glassware. I'll take one of each! LOL! (As if I could afford even one! LOL! VERY NICE.

Thank you for your review for my blog on bloggers. I appreciate the kind words.

that's life! said...

Hi PJ!
Thanks so much for stopping by - and especially for taking the time to leave a comment, I truly appreciate it each time someone does that.

PJ, it is now my mission to do some myth-busting! Why does everyone assume they can't afford anything? It's true most of us can't just go out and buy a $10,000,000 dollar painting tomorrow, but there IS an affordable end of the scale, and there are so many options!

jackiepaulson said...

I love antiques, and found you from blogger.com
I am Jackie
I love to collect tea sets.
I have to get photo's up one day.
I know they are old and antiques.

that's life! said...

Hi Jackie

My earlier reply doesn't seem to have been posted.

Thanks so much for responding. You are probably aware that teapots and tea sets are a very popular collecting category. I would love to see photos!

Lily said...

absolutely love these antiques!

tea cozy