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The Value of a Woman's Time

Today I’m participating in the Ultimate Blog Swap. You’ll find me posting over at Resourceful Mommy about blogging, and I’m excited to welcome Andrea from Simple Organized Living to Aleta's Arty Facts:

If you had to place a dollar value on your time, what would it be?
  • $25 an hour?
  • $50 an hour?
  • $100 an hour?
  • Maybe even $1,000 an hour!?
Whether you're a CEO, a small business owner, a part-time employee, or a stay at home mom, your time is precious and extremely valuable, wouldn’t you say? As women, we wear so many different hats every single day, it would simply be impossible to pay someone else to do everything we do -- which means we are "invaluable"!


But, have you ever felt that your time was being wasted?

Maybe you’ve been on the phone with someone who put you on hold to take another call. Maybe you were in the middle of a project when coworker dropped by to “shoot the breeze.” Maybe your kids keep bothering you when you're trying to finish one simple task. We are all familiar with these common distractions and time wasters, right? Now let’s suppose you value your time at $100 an hour. Imagine throwing $100 down the drain for every hour wasted on hold or chatting with your coworker. You wouldn't do it -- at least I wouldn't! I would tell them I was busy and had to stay focused until my task was complete. I wouldn't let myself get distracted. But if you think about it, we are doing exactly that {letting ourselves get distracted} when we waste time on needless activities like watching TV, surfing the internet, catching up on the latest Facebook gossip, zoning out at work, etc. etc.


We're throwing out $25, $50, $100 every hour we waste!

Well, not really -- but I find that placing a dollar value on my time helps me determine what I'm willing, or not willing, to spend time on. Don’t sell yourself short; establish how much your time is worth and use that value to make decisions on how you will spend it.

Andrea Dekker is a professional organizer and founder of Simple Organized Living. Her goal is to motivate and encourage others to “create their best life” through simplicity and organization. If she’s not working with clients or blogging about clutter, you’ll find her documenting the renovation of her 120-year-old farmhouse over at Farmhouse Love.
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BellaVida said...

That's a very interesting way of looking at things. I'm sure it would help to eliminate some of the 'wasted time'.

Bella Vida by Letty

that's life! said...

Exactly so! We'd look at time wasting a little differently if we stopped to put a dollar value on it.

Kirsty said...

What a wonderful way to think of it.