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Can I Buy Antiques on eBay (safely)?

It has to be the number one eBay question we're asked.  Some version of  'Can I buy antiques on eBay?'

What people are really asking is:

Can I be certain that I'm buying bona fide antiques in excellent condition on eBay?

The short answer is:

And the long answer is:

 If  you're going to buy art, antiques and collectables on eBay you need to be 1) a professional or 2) have a professional consultation available, and preferably both.  Here are your main pitfalls:

  1. Schills
  2. Fakes (items, and people!)
  3. Undisclosed damage
  4. Undisclosed restoration/alterations
It's so bad out there, that we've decided to write an eBook.  Someone's gotta say something!

Could I elaborate?  You betcha!  Stay tuned!

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