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What's Going on with Goodman?

Okay, I'm confused; I'll admit it.

I'm a simple woman, from a simple village.  I like things to be simple. Unfortunately, life isn't like that, and the auction house situation in Australia is enough to give me a headache.  Should I even try to understand what's going on?

About two years ago, things made better sense to me.  Mr Goodman was the head of Bonhams and Goodman.  This was clear; I liked it.  But, then, he was also involved with Sotheby's.  Then relationship with Bonhams went South and Bonhams' Australian branch cum Bonhams and Goodman was now Bonhams Australia and Tim Goodman was head of Sotheby's. 

Okay, I've understood this much, but now the news comes that Mr Goodman has just sold Sotheby's.  Geoffrey Smith, who ran the Art Department at Sotheby's, will now be chair. 

But that's not the end of it, because Tim Goodman still controls Leonard Joel, a big mover on the Fine Art scene, through First East Auction Holdings Ltd. (or is it through Second East Auction Holdings Ltd., which Tim is also involved with?)

Remember that Martin and I had a friendly bet going about whether or not there was room at the top of Sydney's Art Market?  I don't think things are stable enough to answer this right now.  For my part, I'm going to end up owing my husband, because I can't even keep the players straight!

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