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How many antiques auction houses can one city support?

Martin and I don't often disagree but we've got a bit of a friendly bet going on whether or not Sydney needs one more auction house in the antiques market mix.

It's Martin's contention that the city needs a medium sized antiques auction with a yen for real quality, somewhere between the top tier auctions and, oh, I don't know, Ma and Pa Kettle's local livestock sale.

Martin's tipping Theodore Bruce, the long established South Australian auctioneers who are the new kids on the antiques block in Sydney.  What we've seen so far, we like.


Janeth Winslet O. Connor said...

I love attending these antique sales. If you know one, let me know.

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that's life! said...

Hi Janet,

Thanks for your remarks. What a difference a year makes.

Martin and I started an auction house last year, and you can find our auctions online at: www.tallongauctions.com

We have an online live bidding platform, too!

that's life! said...

Hi Mitch Well, obviously I'm a big antiques fan, too. If you're missing attendance in person, you can watch online, and bid if you're so inclined. Try EasyLiveAuction on http://www.easyliveauction.com/tallong